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We encounter flock everywhere in everyday life - whether catching our eye, discreetly in the background, or totally hidden, but wherever it is used, flock demonstrates its advantages through its outstanding flexibility and qualities. Just like snow falling, flock gives products a soft, clean feel that is pleasing to the eye. This pleasant feel and image, gives products an added value, be it one of opulence and / or improved functionality.
There are hardly any limits to what can be flocked.
Regardless of whether the base is metal, wood, ceramics, textiles, paper or synthetics, for each there is a suitable adhesive and a suitable flock.
Depending on the requirements, flock can solve even the trickiest problems.

Today it has found its place in many industrial fields and everyday new uses are discovered.

Flocking may be used to provide a pleasing effect, reduce sound, protect products, present products, help keep things clean, support filtration processes and, enhance decoration. Finishes may be:

  • Short

    Packaging presentation, lining of storage areas, softer handles on tools and sports equipment etc.

  • Long

    For insulation, filtration, decorative effects etc.

  • Upholstery

    Upholstered for furniture that needs to be durable, hard wearable and resistant to a wide range of temperatures.

  • Sanitary

    Finely bristled for floor coverings in industrial and sanitary locations where it is essential that they can be easily and quickly cleaned.

  • Cleaning

    Rough for cleaning cloths and equipment.

Qualplast was originally established in 1977 and has developed into a strong supplier of Flock Coating, servicing a broad range of industries including automotive, photographic and display packaging.

This core service is backed up by an injection moulding facility which supports flock services or, is available for independent requirements.

The company uses the most advanced technologies available in Europe, developed as a result of its membership of the Verband der Flockindustrie e.v. (Association of the Flock Industry) which is based in Germany and encompasses members from all over the world.

Qualplast's determination to remaining at the forefront of this industry is supported by its commitment to quality, as endorsed by its ISO 9001 certification and preferred supplier status with Jaguar and Nissan.

Continuous innovation of flock applications for improved aesthetics, sound deadening, protection and cleanliness is enabling the company to expand into a diverse range of industries and, as it does so continuously build on helping companies to use flock to best effect within their respective products.

By installing Solar panels and other energy efficient measures 6 years ago the company has saved over 60,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Qualplast (1991) Ltd is accredited to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard.

This confirms their commitment to providing high standards whilst implementing a continuous improvement plan.

An approved supplier to many blue chip companies

A full PPAP / PSW documentation service is offered when required.

Our in-house testing facilities and equipment includes:

Flock Inspection equipment
Sievability Tester
MAHLO Humidity Tester
Electrostatic Flock Performance Tester
Abrasion Tester
Cross Hatch Test equipment
Light Box


Qualplast are second and third tier suppliers to Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Aston Martin, Lotus, Bentley, Toyota and Honda.

Flocking is an amazingly versatile process:

Due to this versatility, flock is used by the automotive industry for flocking interior parts such as glove boxes, consoles, armrests and door pockets, for visual appearance, as well as on parts such as seat belt mechanism covers for sound suppression and on rubber profiles for window seals to improve glass glide and increase seal qualities.

aston martin honda jaguar lotus land rover toyota nissan morgan

Enhanced haptics & appearance

Friction & non-friction application

Sound absorbtion

Other Applications

In today's modern world flock has thousands of applications but, the key areas in which it is used are:



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Qualplast is the trading name of Qualplast (1991) Ltd